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League Rules

1. There will be Ladies' Doubles, Men's Doubles and Composite, each format being a straight line with ideally eight teams in each of the divisions. Teams finishing 1st or 2nd will be promoted one division and teams finishing in the bottom two positions of a division are liable to be relegated one division.

2. Clubs shall no later than 31st May provide the Sportsganiser Administrator with all relevant details to facilitate formatting of divisions, fixtures and e-handbook production. All fixtures will be arranged on weekdays (excl. bank hols.) starting no earlier than 6:30 PM and finishing no later than 10:30 PM

3. Existing clubs entering fewer teams or subsequently withdrawing a team(s) must normally drop their lowest team(s) save written appeal to the League Secretary requesting any other action regarding extenuating circumstances.

4. Without compromising promotion or increasing relegation, the Working Committee shall have power to include new clubs/teams and reposition existing teams solely to take best account of anticipated team strengths.


Whilst individual players may register with one club only (save permanent transfer) for any one format, they may register with other clubs for other formats.

5. All clubs must submit a list of nominated players for each format prior to the start of matches. The players should be nominated in order of strength, taking regard of any relevant B.E. published rankings, with a minimum of four men/men's doubles, four ladies/ladies doubles, three men and three ladies/composite allocated to each team. This must include occasional players and students. More players than the minimum may be nominated to a team, provided that the nomination list is in order of strength. No unnominated player may play in a league fixture and any rubbers won by such a player will be forfeit to the opposition.

Each player should then play in his/her position throughout the season; unless above nominated players are absent. No player may play for a team lower than the one for which they are nominated. Any player found playing out of order will have any rubbers won deducted and awarded to the opposition.

Any player may play up for a higher team on four occasions. On the fifth occasion they shall be fixed to the higher team and any rubbers won subsequently in a lower team may be awarded to the opposition, (i.e. If you are nominated to the C team you may play, for example, 3 times for the B team and once for the A team but if you play again for the A or B team you are fixed to the B team. Should you play subsequently for the A team then you would be tied to the A team on your fifth occasion.) If there are only three men/ladies nominated when this happens, the space left by the fixing of the upgraded player will be filled by the next nominated man/lady in the nomination list, in a knock on effect. Any player who is subsequently upgraded may, at the discretion of the Working Committee, forfeit rubbers won previously in a lower team and these may be awarded to the opposition.

Where only the minimum number of players are nominated to a team, any player who does not play for their nominated team or a higher one by the fourth match shall be considered unavailable and the list amended accordingly by upgrading the next player in the nomination list. Anyone who is subsequently upgraded may, at the discretion of the Working Committee, forfeit rubbers won previously in a lower team and these may be awarded to the opposition. (Where more than three men/ladies are nominated, provided three men/ladies out of the team play by the 3rd game, then no penalty will be incurred.) The player shall remain as unavailable until they have taken part in a match. When/if the unavailable player is able to play at a later date, they will be considered to be in the same order as the original nomination.

Secretaries must amend nomination lists as and when necessary.

A player may be added to a clubs nomination list at any time, provided that

i. A letter of release is received from the previous club, where necessary.

ii. An amended nomination sheet to take account of the playing standard of the new player/'s is received by the Registration Secretary. Telephone nominations will not be accepted. The player may not play in a match until confirmation has been received from the Registration Secretary. No player may be nominated for more than one club at any one time

No player may represent a composite team in either of that team's last two matches of the season unless they have previously played for the club in a composite, mens or ladies match at least once during that season.

Release of nominated players is not required between seasons but clubs may block a transfer (e.g. for non payment of subs.) by notifying the Registrations Secretary no later than the August Secretaries / Shuttle collection meeting.

For Men's & Ladies league ONLY
Nomination list required with players listed in order of strength. When a club has two teams in the same division, any player from the nomination sheet may be selected to play, in order of strength, for either team.

Example: A player may play in the A team at position 3 in one match then the same player may play in the B team at position 1 in the following match. (the concept of playing up between A & B teams wouldn't apply)


6. There shall be no cancellation / rearrangements of fixtures other than loss of match venue or mutual consent or extreme weather conditions;

In every circumstance:-

i. the home team must inform the Registration Secretary and Sportsganiser Administrator of the cancellation / rearrangements within 7 days of the fixture.

ii. the home club must ensure the away club receives, within 14 days of original fixture, confirmation of an agreed date with a copy sent to the Registration Secretary and Sportsganiser Administrator.

iii. the away club must confirm acceptance in writing within 14 days of receiving the offer with a copy sent to the Registration Secretary and Sportsganiser Administrator.

Note:- Fixtures between teams from the same club must, if at all possible, be rescheduled before any other fixtures in both halves of the season. Failure to comply will result in rubbers and points being awarded.

7. No player shall participate in more than one match on any one night. In the absence of eligible players, ineligible players may be played provided:-
- ineligible players are entered on the scorecard at the lowest strength (including mixed)
- all rubbers involving ineligible players are conceded on the scorecard.
If ineligible players are planned or the whole match is to be conceded, maximum notice should be given to the opposition.

Whenever rubbers or matches are conceded the opposition's players MUST be submitted via the scorecard to the Fixture Secretary as proof of availability if rubbers are to be awarded.

In the event that a match is conceded by either team without clubs giving 48 hours notice prior to the start time of the match

i) a points deduction of a maximum of 5 points may be deducted from the defaulting teams score.

ii) the imposition of a £30 fine may be levied by the League for subsequent payment to the non-offending team.

The application of such a deduction and level of severity is at the discretion of the League Committee and follows a 14 day period of time from the date of the match, within which the defaulting team can submit in writing to the League Secretary an explanation as to the circumstances of the default which may be used as mitigation.

Each composite match must be allocated a minimum of 5 court hours and each men’s / ladies match a minimum of four court hours

8. A minimum of 18 (doubles) and 24 (composite) new shuttles must be provided by the home team (at their expense) for each match. Any bulk purchase arrangements will be made and agreed at the AGM.

Feathers which are provided by the home team should be of appropriate speed and quality for the home venue. Once a match has commenced, feather type can not be changed unless by mutual agreement.


9. (a)The home captain must declare on the scorecard, players in current nominated order and choice of mixed pairings for the match in order of strength on the night followed by the corresponding away team captain's declaration, before play commences. Any rubbers played out of nominated order that results in a stronger pairing will be automatically awarded to the opposition. Any rubbers played out of order of strength in the mixed may be awarded to the opposition at the discretion of the committee.

(b) Every endeavour should be made to complete all rubbers in a match. Captains must agree before play commences whether to abide by the score of completed rubbers at the end of available court time, or complete the match at a later date. This must then be indicated on the scorecard. In the absence of an agreement or scorecard notification the match must be completed.

(c) Where a match is to be completed the Registration Secretary and Sportsganiser Administrator must be informed in writing, as in rule 6 i, ii, iii.

10. (a) Once the match has started (the scorecard having been completed), there shall be no substitution of players in the event of injury, non arrival, etc. and any relevant rubber(s) should be conceded on the scorecard.

(b) Substitutions are allowed in concluding an unfinished match. The substitute must be registered in a lower position than the player being replaced on the date of the original fixture. The substitute player must take the team position of the replaced player and the score must continue from the point it was at when play stopped.

11. All matches will be played to the current B.E. rules.


There is only one serve in doubles.

At the beginning of the game and when the score is even, the server serves from the right court. When it is odd, the server serves from the left court.
If the serving side wins a rally, the serving side scores a point and the same server serves again from the alternate service court.
If the receiving side wins a rally, the receiving side scores a point. The receiving side becomes the new serving side.
The player of the receiving side who served last stays in the same service court from where he served last.
The reverse pattern applies to the receiver’s partner.
The players do not change their respective service courts until they win a point when their side is serving.
If players commit an error in the service court, the error is corrected when the mistake is discovered.
In the third game, players change ends when a side scores 11 Points.

No player shall receive advice or instruction during a rubber (other than from his/her partner).

12. Rubbers may be played in any mutually agreed order and shall comprise the best of 3 games to 21 points. The side winning a rally adds a point to its score. At 20 all, the side which gains a 2 point lead first, wins that game. At 29 all, the side scoring the 30th point, wins that game.

13. There being no umpire or service judge to rule on service and receipt, a let may be claimed provided no attempt has been made at play. Please refer to Badminton England website for further details of service rules. Any member of either team must be prepared to score (NOT UMPIRE) if asked by any player on court.

14. When rubbers are to be completed at a later date the Registration Secretary must be kept informed of the current score and the players involved, by the home team submitting an interim scorecard. Play will resume as already mutually agreed, a clear record of which must be kept by both teams.

15. Players shall not play other than in the match until concluded or they have completed their own rubbers and been “released” by the opposing captain.

16. Neither team captains nor players are empowered in any way to claim games or rubbers under any circumstances.

In the event of late start or unresolved dispute all rubbers must as far as possible be played to a natural conclusion and any remaining complaint referred to the Working Committee for resolution.


17. (a) Completed scorecards must be entered on Sportsganiser by the home team within seven days of the match. Late scorecards will be penalised £2.00 for the first offence, £5.00 for subsequent offences.

     (b) One point shall be awarded for each rubber won, together with two bonus points if a team wins 5 rubbers or more (N.B. - if a match finishes at 4-2 no bonus points shall be awarded).


18. Play must commence on ALL available courts within 15 minutes of the start time stated on Sportsganiser. It is at the discretion of clubs to complain to the Working Committee if a match fails to comply or the match is unduly held up during the evening. The Working Committee may penalise the offending club by deducting rubbers.

Prior arrangements may be made by mutual agreement, to accommodate planned late arrival of individual players, but normally it is every player's responsibility to be available, when required, after the specified start time. Should one or more players be significantly late the captain of the non-offending team may invoke one of these three options [ before the offending player starts a game, which option is being enacted in the cases of option ii and iii should be noted on the scorecard]

Option [i] The match is played as normal, the standard match procedures are followed as defined in rules 9[b] and 9[c]

Option [ii] If the offending player is more than 30 minutes late. Each captain must denote the “readiness” time on the scorecard. When the published finish time is reached, the captain of the offending team must concede any unfinished rubbers which are unfinished as a direct result of the offending player’s lateness. NB: any rubbers unfinished due to other reasons are not subjected to this forced concession and should be dealt with under rules 9[b] and 9[c].

Option [iii] If the offending player is more than 45 minutes late. Each captain must note the “readiness” time on the scorecard. The captain of the non-offending team is then at liberty to scratch the player from the match.

The 45 and 30 minute marks are not mandatory cut offs for action

eg. If a player arrived 50 minutes late the captain of the non-offending team could invoke option [i] or [ii]. It does not have to be [iii].

19. In the event that clubs wish to complain about late start or any other problem, the Working Committee will ONLY consider WRITTEN complaints received by the League Secretary within 14 days of the event WHICH HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED IN WRITING TO THE OTHER CLUB/S INVOLVED.

Clubs that receive notice of complaint MUST CONFIRM RECEIPT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, IN WRITING, to the League Secretary, together with the detailed representation [if any] they wish to make.

Clubs submitting a complaint and clubs being the subject of a complaint must be prepared to send a representative to the Working Committee meeting to state their case if so required. Matters where clubs are not in attendance will be dealt with in their absence.

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